Avid anglers know the most important virtue to have while fishing is patience. However, having the right tools to get the perfect catch does affect your odds. The most vital tool for a fishing enthusiast is their fishing pole.

Currently, there are a few factors that affect the quality of a fishing rod. The guide rings holding the fishing line to the material the rods are made of can all affect your fishing. Different types of fishing rods will vary in their materials and purpose. If you know what type of fishing rod you want, find out the best fishing rod type that will suit your angling endeavors.

Best Fly Fishing Rod

The MaxCatch Extreme is one of the most popular carbon fiber rods on the market. The product comes with a four-piece set can go up to nine feet in length when attached together. The fly rod is like a casting rod but the weight comes from the line not the lure. The rod has a pure cork handle for a comfortable grip and a reel seat made of a high-density aluminum. On the reel seat, there are two up-locking rings, allowing for stable fixing to the reel foot.

The rod is made of five layers of carbon fiber, which makes it 20 percent stronger than the average rod. However, there are some issues with the five-weight rod. Luckily, there are differently weighted fly rods that may be more suitable if you are still looking for something more lightweight. The company also includes a warranty if you need to replace it.

20 percent stronger than most fly rods on the market.
One-year warranty
Design allows for saltwater tolerance
MaxCatch repairs your rod for a lifetime.
Certain weights are not as strong as others
Defects with quality control – make sure you inspect before usage.
Difficult to tighten the rings to secure the reel foot at time – early inspection can allow for repairs.

Best Casting Rod

This Entsport E series provides a two-piece set made for bait casting. The extra pieces of this carbon fiber rod allow for the caster to change the weight from medium to medium heavy. This is useful for adapting to the weight of the catch in the area. One noted feature is how lightweight the fishing rod is. These fishing rods are meant for classic bass fishing, so they are able to withstand plenty of drag.

The stainless-steel guides prevent corrosion, which in turn prevents friction with the fishing line. It also improves the sensitivity of the rod. The graphite material of the rod also enhances sensitivity so you can feel every vibration in the water.

Change weight of rod with ease
With a price point of $39.99. This is significantly lower than most casting rods
Open. Ergonomic design of reel seats make for comfortable grip
High-quality EVA split grips with a camo pattern for comfort
At times there are issues with the tip of the rod
Guide rings may need adjustments
Suitable for beginners but may not appeal to expert anglers

Best Spinning Rod

The UglyStick GX2 Spinning rod is quite popular for many reasons. First, the build of the rod is uniquely made with fiberglass and graphite. This puts the fishing rod at medium weight but with a length of seven feet long. This makes it perfect for long distance casting. The stainless steel guides of the rod also provide longevity, preventing rust from forming.

The tip of the fishing rod is also clear, which allows for sensitivity and strength. The rod has double footed eyes that adds sturdiness to the rod. Furthermore, since this is a spinning rod, it works great for amateurs. One issue the UglyStick has is quality control. Luckily, if you purchase an UglyStick fishing rod, you have a warranty for up to seven years.

Seven-year warranty
Seven-foot length offers long distance casting
Stainless steel guides prevent rusting
Great for amateurs
Low price for its build
There may be quality control issues – inspect your rod before usage.

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

The PLUSINNO fishing rod has several features that make it a top-rated rod. For example, the fishing rod can be used interchangeably for both saltwater and freshwater areas. You can also choose between just the fishing rod or the full kit with the rod.

The rod is mixed with carbon fiber and fiberglass and comes with a reel. The grip of the fishing rod is made of EVA material, which leads to a comfortable grip. Another bonus about this telescopic rod is that it is portable. Since you can collapse the fishing rod to a shorter length, it makes it an easy carry.

The PLUSINNO also has instant anti-reverse and power drive gears for amplified strength. The instant anti-reverse spinning reel prevents the reel from turning backwards. This feature is best suited for saltwater fishing and reeling in small fish.

Full kit of fishing items is possible option. Which can be great for beginners
Can be used for saltwater and freshwater fishing
12-month warranty
The reel quality is adequate but not impressive
Manual may not have enough information for beginners
The rod may not have adequate extension