Boat Basics

Have you sought out a boat license or are you still debating between the type of boat you want to purchase? Freshwater boats are quite different from those made to go offshore, so you will need to choose carefully depending on your desired fishing trips. The licensing requirements may also vary based on the size or ability of the vessel you wish to purchase.

Whether you have recently become a boat owner or are planning on purchasing a boat in the near future, there are several basic tasks and items you will need to spend time deciding on such as boat maintenance, safety and local boating laws where you plan to fish. Boat repair may be necessary if you neglect to care for your vessel properly.

Outside of basic boat maintenance, you will also need to consider how to stock your ship so you are prepared for anything. Even the most veteran boaters can find themselves in a bind if there is bad weather or malfunctioning equipment, so being prepared with the correct floatation devices and a boat safety kit is one of the most important things you can do.


Boat Law Basics

Earning my boat license was the first step to truly enjoying boat ownership. I thought the boating classes for license…
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