5 Essential Saltwater Boats for Your Next Fishing Trip

Saltwater fishing boats are perfect for sport fishing or just catching your next meal. There are dozens of saltwater boats on the market, so how do you find the right one? Some are ideal for deep-sea ventures, while others are designed for off-the-coast fishing and others are geared toward family voyages. Yes, if you have a family, expect to do a whole lot of not-fishing on your new boat. Kids’ opinions tend to supersede their parents’.

Saltwater Boats

MAKO Boats, for example, are known for their solid construction and durability. But they aren’t the only brand on the market; companies are jockeying for the pristine title of the most distinguished offshore fishing boats out there. Before you buy, check out these five coveted fishing vessels recommended by fishers this year.

1.  Scout 320 LXF

Is that your boat or are you just happy to see me? The 32-foot 320 LXF is a machine, one of many saltwater fishing boats that can accommodate several fishers for extended periods of time. The monstrous 222-gallon fuel tank is proof.

It’s one of the best boats for saltwater fishing that money can buy. With a 380-quart fish box and technologically advanced digital helm, fishing can’t get much easier. You’ll never lose your way with the navigation system, which allows you to set a course and cruise. Some other deluxe features of the Scout brand include:

  • A bait well.
  • Tackle drawers.
  • Cup holders.
  • A sink.
  • Rod holders.

Did You Know? The Scout 320 LXF offers several additional features and options, such as a painted stripe, larger navigation screens and underwater lights.

2.  Pursuit DC 325

While you browse saltwater boats for sale, keep an eye out for the Pursuit DC 325. This saltwater fishing boat features a distinct open bow design, allowing for plenty of up-front comfortable seating for all your guests.

If you’re an avid fisher like me, you’ll be grateful for the endless storage space for all your fishing gear and catch. It even has a tempered glass hardtop visor on the console that features a fiberglass top to protect the cockpit seating and advanced navigational system.

Let’s face it; the best saltwater boats need to accommodate more than just fishing. Many of your outings will be for leisure or water sports, especially if you enjoy taking friends and family on the water. The DC 325 does all that and more, with features like:

  • Four stainless steel rod holders.
  • A 24-gallon recirculating live well.
  • Starboard additional rod storage.
  • Insulated fish boxes that include diaphragm pumps.
  • An advanced cockpit tackle center.

Download our guide to buying a boat to learn more about costs associated with buying a new or used vessel.

3.  MAKO 334 CC Family Edition

MAKO Boats pumps out the latest and greatest vessels every year. So much so, you might get sick of hearing the name. The solution? Buy one! The 334 CC Family Edition is the pride of the company.

This saltwater fishing boat has everything you need to enjoy a day out on the open water. Long trips can be tough with little ones, but not with this boat. Everyone on board can stay comfortable with the anti-fatigue pad in the helm and the deluxe hardtop automatic aft deck shade.

Luxury saltwater fishing boats like the 334 CC should entertain. I mean, why else would they be luxurious? If it’s not catering to your entertainment, you might as well fashion a Castaway-like raft if all you need is to float.

Luckily, “fun” is MAKO’s middle name. The 334 CC features two enormous overhead speakers, retractable tables and starboard bow seating with stowable backrests and gel-coated storage. The brilliant design features on this vessel will make it last for years with simple boat maintenance. Starting at a price point of $284,900, the 334 CC is one of those saltwater boats that can impress any fisher with features like:

  • Tackle storage.
  • A freshwater sink.
  • Overhead LED lights on the leaning post.
  • A helm seat with a flip-up cushion.

4.  Sportsman Masters 247 Bay Boat

Let a Bay Boat be your “bae” boat. These offshore fishing boats are wildly popular among fishers who like running on the flats. The Masters 247 is a popular saltwater model because it includes tons of bow storage, a large bow fish box and a casting deck.

A single 300-horsepower engine makes this boat easy to maintain. Oh, and one more thing – your new Bae – I mean, Bay – boat from Sportsman comes with a 10-year hull warranty. Push her to the limits on the choppiest waters and shallowest areas without worry.

The Masters 247 is one of the best saltwater boats on the market for many reasons, including features like simple helm navigation and lockable rod storage located on the bow. Two 25-gallon livewells are big enough to handle all your saltwater catches, which is great for longer fishing trips.

5.  MAKO Pro Skiff 19 Top Drive

Skiff boats used to refer to flat-bottomed rowboats. If you still picture a wooden, antiquated rowboat, I invite you to step into the 21st century and get with the program. Some of the best saltwater fishing boats are skiff boats, which are designed to cruise you through shallow, inshore waters with ease.

The Pro Skiff 19 Top Drive is one of the best saltwater boats on the market. It’s simple, don’t let that confuse you with a bare-bones vessel.

    Did You Know? MAKO Boats are backed by the company’s factory warranty, which includes five-year “stem-to-stem” coverage.

In fact, the 50-inch tower standing in the center of the lets you spot fish from a bird’s-eye view and easily navigate toward your target. At a starting price close to $42,000, this 19-foot skiff is gaining traction as one of the best boats for saltwater fishing. Features include:

  • An advanced inverted V hull.
  • A one-piece gel coated fiberglass stringer system.
  • The capacity to seat six passengers.
  • Raised casting decks with non-skid surfaces.

Need more information about buying a boat? Download our boat-buying guide for more details about choosing the boat type best suited for you.