Expert Fishermen

As a bassmaster, advanced angler or seasoned outdoorsman, you’re probably ready to take your fishing game to the next level. Maybe you’re itching to compete in your first fishing tournament, or you want to upgrade your fishing rod and reel to a higher-end model. While many of the best fishing rods on the market are excellent options for all skill levels, some models are ideal for experts like you, who have several years of experience.

Baitcasting rods, for example, are best used by experienced anglers, while spincasting rods are ideal for beginners. If you’re looking to target large game fish like marlin, you’ll want to find heavy-duty equipment that was specially-designed for saltwater fishing environments.

Beyond your fishing rod and reel, you may be interested in some of the fancy electronic devices that are designed to enhance the entire angling experience. For instance, a fish finder uses sonar-like sound pulses to help you locate fish underwater. You can even use these devices to save the locations of your favorite fishing spots. Other fishing devices like light attractors and fish aggregating devices (FADs) can also help you step up your fishing game by bringing the big game fish right to you. Read on to learn more about these devices and other expert fishing tips.