Fishing 101

If you want to become a master angler, getting your fishing license is the first and most important step. Each state enforces its own rules and regulations for fishermen and women of all ages, and resident licensing is usually a big one. Even if you’re taking a fishing trip to another state, you’ll likely need a non-resident fishing license to cast your line. Usually, there are a few other options to choose from as well, including senior, short-term, species-specific or lifetime permits. Some states even offer a free fishing license if you’re a veteran or have a qualifying disability.

Once you have your license, the real fun begins. All successful fishermen and women have a few fishing tips and tricks up their sleeves, and knowing a few can help you build up your own skills. For instance, certain fishing hooks and lines are designed for specific fishing techniques, which can help you reel in the prize-winner. Likewise, it’s important to know the types of bait and lures that work best for different species. Whether you prefer catch-and-release or bringing your fish home for dinner, there are plenty of tricks to help you become a fishing expert. Find out more about fishing for beginners, licensing and gear below.