Fishing Gear

If you’re not familiar with the best fishing hooks, rods and gear, you can’t expect to snag many prize-winning catches on your trip. Let’s be honest — trout tickling can only get you so far. Everything down to the fishing line types you use plays a role in what ends up in your trophy photos … and what ends up in your chum bucket. When it comes to building up your arsenal of fishing tools, the type of fish you’re going after is the key. While some types of fishing lures and poles are designed to be pretty versatile, your expertly tied fly is no match for a 250-pound marlin, especially when it starts jumping waves.

While planning out your fishing gear, don’t get caught up in the hook, line and sinker. The clothing you wear on your trip is just as important – and yes, this includes the cool-looking polarized shades. The right fishing shirts and sunglasses provide vital UV-protection, so the only one getting skinned is your catch. Non-slip shoes are another must, unless you plan on making a splash yourself. With so many options for fishing clothing and gear available, how you accessorize is up to you.