A fishing apparel is an important part of the angling experience. These types of outdoor attire can keep you safe, comfortable, cool and prepared for any unexpected changes in weather. However, your clothing will vary depending on the specific type of fishing you intend to do. For instance, saltwater fishing apparel is designed for oceans and shores, whereas freshwater apparel is designed for lakes and rivers. However, certain types of apparel designed for fishing are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Furthermore, the cost of fishing apparel varies depending on each specific item. For example, the cost of waist and hip waders is typically affordable, but chest waders are often more expensive. In general, fishing apparel prices also vary widely depending on brand name and retailer. To learn more about what to wear while fishing, review the sections below.

What is the purpose of fishing apparel?

Apparel designed for fishing purposes is available to make your angling experience even more enjoyable. Generally, durable and comfortable pieces of clothing can keep you out fishing for longer periods of time. Unlike regular clothing, apparel for fishing is designed to keep you dry, comfortable and safe while fishing from a boat. For instance, fishing clothing such as hats, caps and shirts are designed to protect your hair, skin and eyes from damaging UV rays, while also keeping you cool and dry. Moreover, the best performance fishing apparel can feature higher collars for added sun protection and Swiss arm tabs to turn short sleeves into long sleeves. In addition, fishing apparel can also include extra pockets for carrying your gear and convenient holders for carrying heavy rods.

In general, proper fishing clothes are designed to provide you with a greater range of motion. Fishing apparel can include legwear with features such as convertible zippers that turn pants into shorts, deep pockets, adjustable waistbands, ankle zippers and D-rings for attaching keys or angling tools. Other fishing clothes such as socks are designed to provide you with additional comfort, resist moisture and fight strong odors. Furthermore, apparels designed for fishing are often made from nylon, polyester, cotton, nylon ripstop, Supplex, Coolmax, Dri-Release or Ultra-Dry materials. When choosing apparel for fishing, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Nylon materials are typically strong, flexible and abrasion-resistant. However, they are not as soft as other materials. Thus, nylon clothes can feel hotter than other types of fabric when used in warmer temperatures.
  • Polyester materials are soft, durable and quick to dry. On the other hand, they are often staticky and are not as strong as nylon materials.
  • Cotton materials are soft, comfortable and breathable. However, they tend to shrink and dry more slowly than other types of fabrics.
  • Nylon ripstop is water-repellent, lightweight and resistant to most rips and tears.
  • Supplex combines the soft, comfortable feel of cotton with the strength and durability of nylon materials. Thus, this type of fabric is colorfast, quick to dry and highly breathable.
  • Coolmax materials are fast-drying and breathable, regularly keeping your body dry. Moreover, this type of material also resists wrinkling, fading and shrinking.
  • Dri-release fabric is soft, quick to dry and odor-resistant.
  • Ultra-dry fabric is ideal for warmer temperatures. In general, this type of material is designed to dry quickly while preventing the spread of odorous bacteria.

What types of fishing require apparel?

If you are wondering what to wear while fishing, you must identify the particularities regarding each habitat and weather. For instance, saltwater fishing apparel is necessary when angling in offshore ocean environments or when deep sea fishing. Deep sea fishing apparel often includes a wide-brimmed hat, polarized sunglasses, a quick-drying shirt with UV protection and quick-drying undergarments. Other types of deep sea fishing clothing include boat shoes, quick-drying socks, handling gloves, sport-fishing shorts and rain gear. Conversely, spearfishing in saltwater environments may require full bodysuits for diving.

Furthermore, many types of freshwater fishing apparel are designed for catching species in lakes and rivers. Bass fishing is one example of a popular freshwater activity. Bass fishing apparel can include shorts, hoodies, lightweight shirts, pants, sun masks, T-shirts, waterproof jackets or fleece sweatshirts.

To learn more about what to wear when you go fishing, review the information below.

  • When fly fishing in the summer, you will need freshwater fishing apparel such as a hat and sunglasses. In addition, you may need a vest, fly fishing pants, wading boots and a button-down UV-resistant shirt with pockets.
  • When fly fishing in the winter, it is important to avoid wearing cotton undershirts, sweatpants or socks. Cotton materials absorbs water quickly and make it more difficult to stay warm in cooler temperatures. Instead, wear breathable layers such as:
    • A 100-percent wool beanie or skullcap
    • One pair of 100-percent neoprene gloves or fold-over mittens
    • One pair of lightweight socks, followed by an additional pair of nylon-blend or heavy wool socks
    • One full layer of lightweight, moisture-wicking apparel, followed by fleece-lined wader pants, a fleece pullover and a wading jacket
  • When ice fishing, choosing what to wear is crucial for keeping you safe and warm. Examples of proper ice fishing gear include:
    • One layer of thermal underwear, followed by a layer of wool or flannel.
    • A heavy waterproof winter coat.
    • A full ice fishing suit.
    • Gloves or mittens.
    • Hand and feet warmers.
    • A hat made of neoprene or wool materials.
    • Sun glasses.
    • A face mask and scarf.
    • Wool socks and waterproof boots.

How much does fishing apparel cost?

The cost of fishing apparel varies depending on the specific clothing type, brand and performance level. For instance, fishing apparel prices from websites such as FishUSA start at $19.99 for a cotton and polyester Okuma hoodie, but reach $549.99 for a wind and waterproof jacket from Simms. General fishing apparel costs on FishUSA include:

  • $5.99 for classic T-shirts
  • $59.99 for a long sleeve tournament shirt form St. Croix
  • $19.99 for classic rain pants from Frogg Toggs
  • $349.99 for one pair of vapor elite pants from Simms

Furthermore, the costs of fishing apparel are much higher if you wish to purchase waders or bibs. For example, a Compass rain suit sells for as low as $14.99 on FishUSA. Conversely, one pair of Simms bibs sells for as much as $449.99. In addition, chest waders from Simms can cost as much as $999.99.

The fishing apparel cost for sandals ranges from $49.99 to $89.99 from online retailers such as FishUSA. Additionally, booties or boots range from $79.99 to $189.99. Socks for fishing range from $15.99 to $39.99 per pair. Moreover, fishing apparel prices for hats and gloves from FishUSA range from $4.99 to $69.99. On the other hand, sunglasses range from $8.99 to $278.99.

Where can you buy fishing apparel?

Fishing apparel companies include online and in-person retailers such as Tackle Warehouse, DICK’s Sporting Goods, Offshore Apparel, Pelagic Gear, Hook & Tackle, Columbia, L.L. Bean, AFTCO and Huk Performance Fishing. When buying fishing apparel, you may find affordable or higher-end options from retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Cabela’s, TackleDirect, Sportsman’s Warehouse and Field & Stream.

Furthermore, when assessing where to get fishing apparel, be mindful that their availability varies in regards to saltwater and freshwater. While many fishing retailers sell freshwater clothing, not that many sell apparel for saltwater environments. To find fishing apparel for saltwater habitats, it is important to look for breathable clothes that protect you from the UV rays and keep you warm in cooler temperatures. Furthermore, other tips for buying fishing apparel include:

  • Looking for clothes that yield greater functionality, fit and durability.
  • Purchasing multiple layers of clothing. This includes hoodies, fleece sweatshirts, rain jackets, T-shirts and technical shirts with built-in hand-warming pockets.
  • Purchasing boat shoes, as these provide you with more traction and prevent slippages.
  • Looking for moisture-resistant hats or headbands, as they prevent sun glare and keep you cool.

Should you get new or used apparel?

When choosing between new vs used fishing apparel, it is important to purchase most of your items new, as many newer clothing materials are breathable and designed to resist water, odors, stains and UV rays. However, these newer styles and designs are not always necessary.“What fishing apparel should you buy used if you cannot afford new clothing?” you may ask. If purchasing fishing apparel used, you can find a wide variety of previously-owned waders, boots or pants online through Amazon or other websites such as GearTrade. When deciding between new vs. used fishing apparel, you can find plenty of newly-discounted items such as shirts, pants and vests online through retailers such as Cabela’s, Columbia or DICK’s Sporting Goods. To learn more, review our new or used fishing apparel buying guide in the sections below.

What is the best cheap fishing apparel?

Where to find the best cheap fishing apparel varies depending on the specific item type. However, the best fishing apparel for cheap is available through retailers such as Amazon, Cabela’s, L.L. Bean, FishUSA, DICK’s Sporting Goods, Columbia, Under Armour and Redington. For instance, the best fishing apparel for cheap includes the L.L. Bean Ultralight Packable Wading Jacket, Souplefly Bug Visor, FroggToggs Hellbender Pack Vest, FroggToggs Cascade Sportman’s Wading Jacket and the Fishpond Rio Grande Wader Belt. Moreover, the best types of cheap fishing apparel on Amazon include the following:

Furthermore, the best cheap fishing gear for sunglasses, hats, boat shoes and gloves include the following:

What is the best high-end fishing apparel?

The best high-end fishing gear must offer better flexibility, durability, sun protection, water resistance and performance. Moreover, the best high-end fishing clothing will often be treated with insect repellent and made from odor- and stain-resistant fabrics. For instance, the best quality fishing apparel includes the Simms Men’s DOWN stream Jacket, Simm’s Vapor Elite Jacket, Triple Aught Design Intercept NS Pant, Simms G4 Pro Hip Pack and the Filson Fishing Waist Pack. To find the best high-end clothing for fishing, you may also consider the following top-rated items on Amazon:

What are the best fishing apparel brands?

Many top fishing apparel brands are available on the market, including popular names such as Columbia and Cabela’s. However, the best brands for fishing apparel generally vary by product type. For instance, the best fishing clothing brands for shirts include Columbia, Cabela’s, Under Armour, Field & Stream and Huk. Other quality brands for fishing apparel include:

  • Hip and chest waders – Choose brands such as Cabela’s, Simms, RedHead, Compass 360, Redington, Frogg Toggs, Field & Stream and White River Fly Shop.
  • Vests or packs – Popular fishing apparel brands include fishpond, Cabela’s, Master Sportsman and Simms.
  • Gloves – Choose products from leading outdoor brands such as Simms, Rapala, Lindy, Glacier Glove, Outdoor Research and AFTCO.
  • Rain gear – Purchase high-quality apparel from brands such as Frogg Toggs, Field & Stream, Grundéns and Columbia.
  • Sunglasses – Purchase items from top-rated brands such as Maui Jim, XPS, Strike King, Solar Bat and Guideline.
  • Pants and shorts – Choose top fishing apparel brands such as Columbia, Cabela’s, Frogg Toggs, Pro Line, Redington and Simms.
  • Hats or visors – Purchase items from leading brands such as St. Croix, BlacktipH, Simms, Van Staal, Salt Life, YETI, Salty Crew, Pelagic, Avid Sportswear, Stetson, Tilley and Outback Trading.

What is the best fishing apparel for beginners?

Our beginners guide to fishing apparel can help you to find essential angling items when you are learning how to fish for the first time. For instance, essential fishing apparel for beginners often includes polarized sunglasses, which help to reduce glare near the water surface. The best fishing gear for beginners may also include peaked hats, which can enhance your vision. To learn more, review our fishing apparel checklist for beginners below and purchase any essential items before your first trip.

What is the best fishing apparel for kids?

The best kids fishing apparel is available from leading brands such as Under Armour, Columbia, Field & Stream, Bass Pro Shops and Carhartt. For instance, the best kids fishing clothes for boys includes the Columbia Zing II Fleece Jacket, Carhartt ForceCamo Pocket T-Shirt, Under Armour Boy’s Camo Fill Logo T-Shirt, Columbia Boy’s PFG Bahama Long Sleeve Shirt and Field & Stream Boys’ Harbor Shorts.

Moreover, children’s fishing clothing for girls includes the Under Armour Girl’s Woven Shorts, Columbia Youth PFG Terminal Tackle Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Field & Stream Youth Graphic Long Sleeve Technical Shirt, Under Armour Novelty Big Logo T-Shirt, and the Bass Pro Shops Fishing Jersey for Toddlers and Kids. However, kids fishing gear is also available in many gender-neutral styles.

Other top fishing apparel for kids includes the following options on Amazon:

Can I rent fishing apparel?

Fishing apparel rentals are available for certain types of clothing, including waders and boots. However, where to rent fishing apparel generally varies depending on where you live. To rent fishing gear from a retailer near you, you may use online services such as RentWaders.com. When renting fishing gear from RentWaders.com, you can choose among offerings such as Breathable Wader and Boots, Neoprene Wader and Boots, or Camouflage Boot Foot Waders. The Breathable Wader and Boots combo can be rented for just one day ($30) or up to three months ($600). Moreover, the Neoprene Wader and Boots combo and the Camouflage Boot Foot Waders can be rented for up to two weeks at a time ($275). To rent fishing apparel such as wading boots, you may only rent each item for one day at a time.

What are the different types of fishing apparel?

Many fishing apparel types are available for purchase. Offerings vary according to different fishing techniques, bodies of water and weather conditions. In general, popular types of fishing clothing include gloves, hats, hip and chest waders, vests, rain gear, sunglasses and outerwear. Other types of angling apparel include fishing shirts, pants, shorts and other types of bottoms such as swim shorts, overalls, convertible pants and underwater pants. To learn more about these fishing apparel types, review the sections below.

What are fishing gloves?

Fishing gloves are essential tools to have in your tackle box. The best fishing gloves are generally made with special fabrics that provide sun protection or waterproof comfort. Moreover, manufacturers produce multiple styles for gloves, making it easy for you to find the perfect gear for your needs. For instance, some gloves for fishing are designed to be worn the entire time you are out on the water. Conversely, other styles of gloves are only meant to be worn as needed.

What are fishing hats?

Fishing hats are important accessories for all anglers. The best fishing hats provide sun protection and appropriate ventilation for warm weather fishing. In colder months, warm hats, such as beanies, can be worn to make fishing more enjoyable. A fishing cap is available in numerous designs to fit any angler’s needs. For instance, some hats are similar to ball caps and feature particular designs or brand logos. Other offerings are made of quick-drying fabrics that provide ample sun protection. In general, hats are relatively inexpensive, but are crucial for protecting anglers from cold weather and UV light exposure.

What is fishing outerwear?

Fishing outerwear is essential if you plan on fishing in the winter or during extreme weather. In addition, fishing outerwear waterproof options are important if you plan to fish in wet conditions. Jackets that resist or repel water can keep you warmer and drier than regular jackets not intended for fishing. Additionally, specialized designs exist for ice fishing, fly fishing, commercial fishing, kayak fishing and other activities. In general, ice fishing outerwear can be somewhat expensive. However, having the best fishing outerwear can make a significant difference in your experience catching fish during cold weather.

What are fishing pants?

Fishing pants have many design features that make them superior to jeans and other standard kinds of pants. The best fishing pants are made from quick-drying fabric that allows anglers to stay comfortable. Additionally, pants and shorts for fishing often have specialized pockets that can hold keys, cards, gear and other important items. Fishing shorts, as well as pants, come in many different varieties for both men and women. For that reason, prices for pants and shorts vary greatly. In general, shorts are relatively more affordable than pants. However, there are also many cost-effective pants on the market.

What are fishing shirts?

Fishing shirts are designed to increase the performance of anglers catching fish from the shore or in an open water. A fishing shirt is typically made of special fabric that can withstand exposure to sunlight and resist water and sweat. Most shirts have deep pockets, breathable mesh and other design elements that provide comfort and convenience. In general, women’s fishing shirts and men’s fishing shirts offer the same features, but differ in design, fit and color. These shirts are sometimes more expensive than regular shirts, but they offer features that make fishing a more enjoyable experience.

What are fishing vests?

Fishing vests are well-suited for anglers who want easy access to their tools. Thus, this type of apparel is optimal for fly fishing activities. The best fishing vests include numerous pockets and straps that can hold your hooks, lures, line and other gear. Moreover, vests are designed in many different styles. For instance, some include life vests, while others are mainly composed of cloth or breathable mesh. In general, a fly fishing vest is gender-neutral and comes in a wide range of sizes. Additionally, a kids fishing vest is a popular purchase when teaching your kids how to fish.

What are fishing waders and boots?

Fishing waders with boots are great for when you catch fish from the shore or while standing in the water. Waders are mostly used in fly fishing, but are also seen in deep sea fishing. In general, fishing waders come in a wide variety of styles, such as hip, waist-high and chest waders. Furthermore, various materials are used to make waders, such as neoprene, rubber, nylon, polyester and Gore-Tex, offering different levels of warmth and breathability. Waders for fishing are typically good investment for staying warm, dry and comfortable.

What is fishing rain gear?

Rain fishing apparel can make all the difference during a particularly rainy day. With fishing rain gear, you can stay dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather. Many anglers believe that a rainy weather is better for fishing, as it stirs up water surfaces and makes fish more active. With the correct waterproof gear, you can take advantage of these conditions and fish without worrying about getting wet. Fishing jacket water resistant options are also top choices to consider. Sometimes, waterproof jackets, pants and bibs can be expensive, but they are worth the investment.

What are fishing sunglasses?

Fishing sunglasses are important accessories for fishermen to own. In general, polarized fishing sunglasses may seem no different than a pair of regular sunglasses. However, sunglasses designed for fishing have a few different features that set them apart. Most of all, the best fishing sunglasses are made with lenses of varying colors. Light-colored lenses are typically better for freshwater habitats, whereas darker lenses are optimal for saltwater environments. In general, sunglasses can be an expensive piece of equipment. However, most anglers agree that a good pair of sunglasses is an important investment.