A treble hook has a single shaft with three points extending from it. Different treble hook sizes can be used to catch a variety of fish in both fresh and saltwater. Manufacturers use standard sizes, making it easy to find the correct weight and gauge. Many anglers debate the merits of treble hooks when compared to single hooks, but most will agree that this style is effective when used in the right circumstances. As with any style of hook, there are cons to using this hook even under the right conditions.

Treble fishing hooks are most commonly used with artificial lures, but natural bait can be used with some success as well. You will usually see treble hooks attached to the bottom of a plastic or rubber lure. However, these hooks can be rigged in other ways as well, depending on the type of fish you want to catch.

What are the characteristics of a treble hook?

Treble hooks usually have a ringed eye design and a straight shaft. Most treble fish hooks are wider at the base than they are tall, but some varieties have a longer shaft. It is common to find these hooks in a variety of different colors including silver, black and red. Each color is useful for different types of fishing. For example, red hooks are less visible at greater depths, which may benefit or hinder an angler depending on the type of fish he or she is trying to catch.

Note that a treble hook takes up more space than other styles due to its design. Therefore, when buying treble hooks bulk purchases are less common. You will usually only find these hooks in packs of less than 50 to 100 pieces, depending on the size of hook you want.Large treble hooks often sell individually or in packs of two.

What are the types of treble hooks?

All treble fish hooks will have three prongs extending from the center. However, treble hooks have several different variations such as:

  • Short shank hooks have a shorter distance between the bend in the hooks and the eye.
  • Round bend hooks feature points that are positioned straight up, which makes it easier to hook fish.
  • Extra-wide gap hooks have a greater distance between the point and the shaft, which results in the points being angled towards the shaft.
  • Weedless treble hooks prevent snags either with an open shank design or a wire latch that covers the points of the hook.
  • Feathered treble hooks, also known as dressed hooks, feature a feather extending from the eye that partially obscures the hooks from view.

What kind of fishing can treble hooks be used for?

A treble hook can be used in nearly any environment such as open water, ice fishing and saltwater fishing. However, if you are wondering when to use a treble hook, note that these hooks are not legal in every waterway. States and local jurisdictions may prohibit the use of hooks with multiple points. In some situations, you can still use multi-point hooks as long as the barbs have been bent down or the hooks had no barbs in the first place. Treble hooks can potentially cause more damage to fish than other hooks, which is why these regulations exist.

What types of fish can I catch with a treble hook?

A treble fish hook may be used to catch nearly any type of game fish. Treble hooks are popular for pan fish as well as species such as catfish,musky, pike, trout and salmon. The best methods for how to bait a treble hook will vary depending on which species you want to catch.

How do I bait a treble hook?

It is possible for treble hooks to be used successfully with natural baits such as minnows or cut bait. However, a treble hook is almost attached to artificial lures such as:

  • Crankbait
  • Jerkbait
  • Topwaters

What are the advantages of using treble hooks?

Some anglers argue that a treble hook increases the chance of catching fish due to the fact that it has three points instead of one. Multiple-pointhooks such as treble hooks often do increase the chance that a fish will be hooked when biting at the bait. The design of this hook also holds natural bait in place better than some single-hook styles.

What are the cons of using treble fishing hooks?

A treble hook has a few drawbacks as well. First, a treble fish hook is often difficult to remove because it is harder to find a place to hold onto it. Second, hooks can become entangled on one another if you are using a lure with more than one of these hooks. Third, multi-pronged hooks have been shown to cause more damage to fish when you engage in catch-and-release techniques.

Who should consider using a treble hook?

Treble hooks are more complicated to use than single hooks. Because there are so many techniques for fishing with treble hooks, experienced anglers often find more success using this style than beginners.

What is a treble hook going to cost?

Per hook, treble hooks are somewhat expensive compared to other styles. The treble hook size, type of material and brand will affect the price. For example, eagle claw treble hooks will cost a different amount than similar hooks from different brands. At traditional retail stores, this style of hook is commonly available for:

  • $2 to $5 for a pack of five hooks.
  • $5 to $10 for a pack of 25 hooks.
  • $11 to $18 for a pack of 50 hooks.
  • $20 or more for a pack of 100 hooks.

Where can I find a treble hook?

You can pick up treble hooks at any outdoor store that sells fishing supplies such as Cabela’s, REI, Bass Pro Shops and others. Treble fishing hooks are also available online from Amazon and many other retailers. Some of the most popular items on Amazon include: