Spinner baits are a popular type of fishing lure, as they are designed to attract predatory fish species, such as bass. Custom spinnerbait lures combine jigs and spinners to mimic the vibrations and motions of small saltwater or freshwater fish. Furthermore, two popular spinner bait types are available in a variety of colors, sizes, blades and designs. These include inline spinnerbait and safety pin bait.

Spinner baits are excellent fishing lures for beginner anglers, as these types of lures are easy to use, even if users have little-to-no angling experience. For this reason, spinnerbaits are often known as “foolproof” fishing lures. Spinner bait is a popular type of lure among novice and veteran fishermen, alike. For additional spinnerbait tips and to obtain spinnerbait how to use instructions, review the information below.

What are the characteristics and features of a spinner bait?

Spinner baits combine metal or plastic spinners with hooks and artificial baits. Since spinnerbaits are available in a variety of shapes, sizes,designs and colors, these lures are specially designed to camouflage the hook. Popular colors may include white or chartreuse skirts and gold or silver blades, depending on the water type or weather conditions. Additionally, most spinner bait types feature bodies, tails and skirts made of animal hair, feathers, soft plastics, rubber or other types of materials. Spinnerbaits contain one or more blades that rotate around a wire. Generally, they may contain the following parts:

  • A Colorado, Willowleaf of Indiana blade.
  • A fluted blade.
  • A clevis.
  • An arm, eye and body.
  • A skirt and hook.

Spinner baits are available in blade styles such as the following: Colorado (round or pear-shaped blades that produce the greatest amount of vibration), Willowleaf blades(blades that produce a great deal of flash but do not provide as much vibration) and Indiana blades (teardrop-shaped blades that spin faster than Colorado blades and produce a moderate amount of vibration). Alternately, custom spinnerbaits may contain a combination of the three styles.

What kind of fishing can spinner baits be used for?

Custom spinnerbait lures are ideal for nearly any type of fishing environment, including freshwater and saltwater sources, as well as clear or muddy waters. These lures can be used in nearly any climate or weather conditions, including cold waters or strong winds. However, most types of spinner baits perform best in shallow- to mid-depth water environments.

What types of fish can I catch with spinner baits?

Since spinnerbaits are meant to mimic smaller baitfish, they can be used to target larger fish species in clear waters. They are primarily used to catch bass, pike and perch, but can also be used to catch black bass, crappie and rainbow trout.

How do I use spinner bait?

When using spinner baits, the metal blades on the lure are designed to spinor rotate in the water and create vibrations and motions that attract predatory fish species. However, your spinnerbait must first be tied to your fishing line using a Palomar, Trilene or Improved Clinch Knot. To rig any type of spinnerbait, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Attach the custom spinnerbait to your fishing line using any of the three knots listed above.
  2. Wrap the eye of the spinner bait using a strong monofilament fishing line.
  3. Lubricate the knot using a small amount of water.

What are the advantages of using a spinner bait?

Several benefits of spinner baits include versatility, simplicity and affordability. Furthermore, other benefits include the following:

  • Blade colors and sizes can be changed to modify various types of fish food.
  • Spinnerbaits can be used to search for fish at the beginning of the day.
  • With spinner baits, anglers can cover a wide range of water in very little time.
  • Spinner lures can be used in nearly any weather condition or season.

What are the cons of using a spinner bait?

While spinner baits are advantageous in many ways, there are several drawbacks to using them. For instance, they may cling to rocks more than other types of lures do, and many can only be used to fish near the edges of vegetation.

Who should consider using a spinner bait?

Since spinner baits are affordable, versatile and easy to use, these lures are ideal for both beginner and veteran fishermen. While spinnerbaits are often referred to as “foolproof” lures, the size, color, blade and time of year will also play a role in their effectiveness.

How much do spinner baits cost?

Popular spinnerbait brands include VMC, Yo-Zuri, Strike King and Johnson. While prices vary slightly by brand name, most types are very inexpensive. For instance, Johnson Beetle spinner baits from FishUSA start at $1.49, while Strike King Micro-King baits start at $1.99. Furthermore, VMC Curl Tail spinnerbaits start at $2.99, while Yo-Zuri 3DB baits start at $8.99.

Where can I find spinner baits?

Custom spinnerbait lures can be purchased online or in-person from merchants such as Amazon, Cabela’s,Bass Pro Shops, FishUSA, eBay and Walmart. The best-selling spinner baits on Amazon include the following: