A spin casting reel is a closed-face fishing reel that is lightweight and easy to use, making it an excellent reel option for beginner fishermen, casual anglers and children. With a spin casting fishing reel, anglers simply need to press a button and aim their rods to cast their lines into the open water, making these reels similar to the underspin (or triggerspin) reels. Spincast fishing is similar to spinning and baitcasting in several ways, as well.

Spincast reel advantages include affordability, bottom bait fishing capabilities and versatility. For instance, spin casting reels can be used with heavier lines and baits, as well as a variety of bobbers and lures. Additionally, anglers can use a spin casting reel even if they do not have prior fishing experience. To learn more about spin casting fishing reels and where to find them, review the information below.

What are the characteristics and features of a spin casting reel?

A spin casting reel (or a closed-faced reel) features an enclosed face which houses the fixed spool and fishing line. With this type of fishing, the line leaves and returns through a small opening in the center of the cover. Since the reel contains a cover, you cannot see the stationary spool. A spin casting fishing reel contains the following parts:

  • A thumb button.
  • A drag adjustment and cover.
  • A reel handle and foot.
  • A line opening.

These reels are mounted to the top of the fishing pole, just as baitcasting reels are.

What kind of rod is a spin casting reel used with?

A spin casting fishing reel is used with a light- to medium-action casting rod (including spincasting and baitcasting rods). If anglers are new to spin cast fishing, it is important that they look for poles that are around their height or shorter. Many beginner anglers start with rod-and-reel combos, as they are affordable and easy to use. Furthermore, these reels can be used with a variety of casting rods, including telescopic or travel poles. A small reel for spin casting also pairs well with pen fishing rods.

What kind of fishing can spin casting reels be used for?

Spin cast fishing is ideal for bottom-bait fishing, throwing lures into the open water, and using floats and bobbers. Additionally, it pairs well with moderately-heavy lines, light lures and terminal tackle.

What types of fish can I catch with spin casting reels?

A spin casting fishing reel can be used to catch smaller fish species, such as bass and panfish. These reels can also be used to catch fish such as bluegill and crappie. If you use your reel to target larger types of fish, you may damage your equipment.

How do I use a spin casting reel?

A spin casting fishing reel is very easy to use. As such, spin casting reels are also known as beginner or introductory reels. To use this reel, you simply need to use your thumb to push the button on the back of the reel as you move the rod forward to cast your line. When you let go of the thumb button, your line will stop.

What are the advantages of using a spin casting reel?

Spin cast fishing is easy to master, and the associated reels are more affordable than many other types. The spin cast fishing reels allow for easy casting, as they are designed to reduce frustrating line twists. Other spincast reel advantages include the following:

  • User-friendly and tangle-free capabilities.
  • Easy casting with the push of a button.
  • Multiple sizes to choose from, including ultralight, medium or heavy-duty.

What are the cons of using a spin casting reel?

While spincast reel advantages include affordability and functionality, there are several drawbacks to using these types of reels. For instance, these reels more fragile than many other types of reels, and their gears are not as durable. Due to this, the reels may break over time. Spincaster reels are not as accurate as other types of reels, and they cannot cast as far. It is important to remember that reels mounted on longer rods can deliver longer casts, while shorter rods are often more accurate.

Who should consider using a spin casting reel?

Since spincasting reels are so easy to use, they are ideal for beginner fishermen, children or casual anglers.

How much do spin casting reels cost?

A spin casting fishing reel is an affordable type of reel that is often used by beginner fishermen. For instance, Daiwa reels from FishUSA are available at prices as low as $16.99 for the Underspin-XD Spincast Reel, to $29.99 for the Silvercast Reel. Brands such as Zebco sell closed-face reels on FishUSA for $22.99, $64.99 and $99.99. Brands like Lew’s sell reels for as low as $14.99, while brands such as Shakespeare, Zebco, Abu Garcia and Pflueger all sell rod-and-reel combos for less than $60.

Where can I find spin casting reels?

A spin casting reel is available through a wide variety of retailers, including Cabela’s, Gander Outdoors, Walmart, JcPenney and DICK’s Sporting Goods. However, spin casting fishing reels are also available online from Amazon. Top-rated reels include the following: