Spinning reels are a popular type of fishing reel, as they are very versatile, and are easier to use than many other types of reels on the market. “What is a spinning fishing reel used to catch?” beginner fishermen may wonder. With an open face spinning fishing reel, anglers can catch a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fish species. However, saltwater spinning reel use can damage rods and reels that are not specially designed for saltwater environments.

Spinning fishing reels (also known as “fixed-spool” or “open-faced” reels) are mounted to the bottom of a spinning rod, and are used to reel in the line, and the fish. Many types of spinning reels are available for purchase. For instance, a bass fishing spinning reel is available from brands such as Daiwa, Shimano, Mitchell and Okuma. To learn more about how to use a spinning fishing reel, review the information below.

What are the characteristics and features of a spinning reel?

Spinning reels (or “open-faced reels”) are mounted to the underside of spinning fishing poles. These reels feature an exposed spool and line, unlike other types of fishing reels. Each contains the following:

  • A Reel handle and foot.
  • A bail.
  • A drag adjustment, line spool and line roller.

What kind of rod is a spinning reel used with?

An open face spinning fishing reel must be used with a spinning rod (also known as a spinning fishing pole). However, you may use a spinning reel with a variety of spinning rod models, including telescopic or travel rods, ultra-light poles and saltwater or freshwater spinning reels. Versions can also be used with pen fishing rods.

What kind of fishing can spinning reels be used for?

“What is a spinning fishing reel used for?” you may wonder. You can fish in both freshwater and saltwater environments. If using an open face spinning reel in saltwater environments, however, you must first ensure that your reel is designed to withstand corrosive ocean waters, rather than only freshwaters such as rivers and lakes. Note that these reels are also ideal for panfishing and ice fishing.

What types of fish can I catch with spinning reels?

Spinning reel use can catch you a variety of fish. The types of fish you can catch include the following:

  • You can catch small- to medium-size fish with an open face spinning fishing reel, such as redfish, bass or crappie
  • You can also catch other small fish species, as well as saltwater fish, such as mahi-mahi and trophy striped bass

While spinning reels are the most versatile type of fishing reel, they work best when paired with light baits and tackle.

How do I use a spinning reel?

The process of how to use a spinning fishing reel is generally very easy to master. You simply use your finger to manually release the line from the reel, while casting your line into the water. To use a spinning reel, you must first open the reel’s wire bail that wraps fishing line around the spool. Then, you must use your index finger to hold the fishing line directly against the rod. When you are ready to cast your line, you must face your target area and release your finger from the line as you move the fishing pole forward.

What are the advantages of using a spinning reel?

Spinning fishing reels are one of the more popular fishing reels on the market, as they can cast a variety of lighter tackle, including live and artificial bait. Furthermore, the fishing line spools off spinning reels very quickly, which allows for greater casting distances. With a spinning fishing reel, “bird’s nests” are also very uncommon, and anglers can generally add multiple spools to a single reel if they wish to target multiple fish species at once.

What are the cons of using a spinning reel?

While spinning reels are more advantageous than not, there are some drawbacks to using a spinning reel, rather than other types of reels. For instance, this reel cannot cast heavier lures and baits, and are not as accurate as baitcasting reels. And, an open face spinning reel is not suitable for saltwater fishing environments, unless the product is specifically designed for saltwater purposes.

Who should consider using a spinning reel?

Since spinning reels are so versatile and easy to use, they are an excellent reel option for beginner fishermen. These reels are often used by veteran anglers, as well.

How much do spinning reels cost?

Spinning fishing reels are available to fit a wide variety of budgets. For instance, a Daiwa reel from Bass Pro Shops ranges between $99.99 and $399.99, while a Shimano reel ranges between $69.99 and $229.99. Additionally, affordable Quantum reels are also available from Bass Pro Shops, and these reels range from $59.99 to $159.99.

Where can I find spinning reels?

Since spinning fishing reels are commonly used by novice and veteran fisherman, these types of reels are not difficult to find. Top-rated reels are available online from Amazon or eBay, or in-store from retailers such as Cabela’s, Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, DICK’s Sporting Goods and Sportsman’s Warehouse. Highly-rated open face spinning fish reels on Amazon include the following: