4 Tips for Using the Right Type of Bait

Do you need crankbait, live bait, or some other kind of bait? This is a question that may keep you up at night (or not, if you remembered to take your Ambien). Once you’ve searched for “bait and tackle near me” and found a good bait shop, you may be overwhelmed by all the options. Crankbaits come in an overwhelming amount of varieties, which may leave you shaking your head and just grabbing the first thing on the shelf.

Don’t make that mistake, though. I’ve put together a handy guide to how to choose the right type of bait. With a little thought, and maybe a quick search for “live bait near me,” you can choose the right lure and have the fishing excursion of your dreams. Or at least, have a pleasant time over a few crisp brewskis. Here’s how to pick the right bait for the job!