Comparing the top fishing nets is essential when building up your fishing tool inventory. If you need a fly fishing net or any other type, there are countless choices on the market. Learning about the major types of nets helps before making your choice, as not all nets are the same. First, cast nets are used when you want to catch bait fish. You throw this net into the water over a school of fish in order to quickly and safely catch them. Second, baitwell or dip nets are used to scoop baitfish from a bucket. Third, fish landing nets are used to help bring in a fish once you have hooked and reeled in the catch. There are many variations on this type of net.

Having a top fishing net will increase your fishing success exponentially. Without good fly fishing nets or other varieties, you risk losing the fish that you worked so hard to catch. Below, learn about the top nets on the market today.

Betts Old Salt Cast Net

Without a good cast net fishing for big game species is a little more difficult. Casting nets are not used to catch these large fish. Instead, you need one of these nets in order to catch fresh bait to which game fish are drawn. No matter how good your live bait catching skills are, it can be hard to master this kind of net. However, this particular brand of net is considered the best, because it is easy to use and does not become tangled easily. The Betts Old Salt Cast Net is made from monofilament, rather than nylon, which helps the net sink at the proper rate. As a result, you will catch more baitfish and have more success. The Betts Old Salt Net is sold for approximately $50.

EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net

When looking for a large fishing net, the EGO S2 Slider is one of the best on the market. This fishing net has the following characteristics:

  • A flat bottom.
  • A depth of 24 inches.
  • An oblong hoop.
  • Rubber mesh.
  • A collapsible handle that slides from 29 inches to 60 inches.
  • The ability to hold fish that weigh up to 30 pounds.

The Ego S2 is considered one of the top fishing nets for bass and walleye fishing. This rubber fishing net can stretch from 24 to 36 inches when holding a large, active fish. This increases your chance of keeping a fish, as it is unlikely for the fish to get out. The Ego S2 Slider is available for about $100.

Frabill Conservation Series Fish Landing Net

When looking for the best landing net for walleye, bass, redfish, trout and other species, the Frabill Conservation Series net is a great choice. This fishing net has knot-free mesh, which makes it easier to remove hooks that may become entangled in the net. With no knots, this net is also gentler on fish. These nets have a flat bottom, a teardrop-shaped hoop and a telescoping handle that makes them easy to carry around. The Frabill Conservation Series net is sold for approximately $80.

Fiblink Folding Aluminum Landing Net

Having a folding fishing net is helpful when you do not have a lot of storage space, but want a strong, effective net. This fish landing net has the following features:

  • Durable micro mesh.
  • A flat bottom.
  • A triangular hoop.
  • An anodized aluminum alloy handle.
  • A handle that extends up to 100 inches in length.

Fiblink folding fishing nets are known for being very durable and corrosion-resistant, due to handle construction and material. The Fiblink Folding Fishing Landing Net is one of the more affordable nets on the market, as it is available for about $25.

Beckman BT204243 Original Fish Landing Net

Another great large fishing neton the market is in the Beckman Original series. The Beckman BT204243 fishing landing netis a rugged, high-performance net designed for catching large, acrobatic fish. With one of these nets, you can catch species such as:

This fish landing net is made of bonded nylon, which is strong and lightweight. The hoop of this fishing net is teardrop-shaped and made from aluminum. Many anglers like this net, because its handle ranges from 4 to 9 feet in length, depending on the net size. These nets are available in sizes ranging from 22 by 28 inches to 34 by 65 inches. The Beckman BT204243 Original Net is sold for approximately $90.

SF Fly Fishing Landing Net

Arguably one of the best fly fishing nets is the SF net. Picking out a good fly fishing net first requires that you find a net made of the correct material. Anglers agree that rubber or soft mesh is a good choice for a net, as it does not harm the fish if you are following the correct catch-and-release practices. Nets designed just for fly fishing tend to have short handles, which makes them easier to carry with all of your fishing gear. SF nets also have magnetic releases that allow you to detach the net from your vest as soon as you catch a fish. The SF Fly Fishing Landing Net is sold for about $35, making it one of the more affordable nets.

Orvis Nomad Fly Fishing Nets

One of the top fishing nets used for fly fishing is in the Orvis Nomad series, which comes in two different sizes. These fly fishing nets are made of a carbon fiber and fiberglass composite, which makes them lightweight and durable. Like other similar nets, it also has rubber mesh that helps protect fish. One of the best features of this net is that it floats in the event you drop it in the water. These nets are a bit more technical than other fly fishing nets, which means they also cost more. The Orvis Nomad Fly Fishing Net costs $125 to $160, depending on the size of net you get.