The top tackle boxes include many different styles that are suited to various types of fishing. The best tackle box for you will depend on where you fish, and what types of fish you are trying to catch. Needs vary, depending on whether you are walking to your fishing destination, fishing from a dock or fishing from a boat.

Fishing tackle boxes should hold all of your lures, fishing line, pliers and hooks, all of which you will need easy access to when out on the water. A fishing tackle box can have many different design features that hold all of these items. Most tackle boxes fall into two categories: hard-sided and soft-sided. Hard-sided boxes are sturdy and freestanding, which can be helpful when fishing from a boat or a dock. Soft boxes, on the other hand, are more comfortable to carry around. Below, learn about the top tackle boxes in these categories.

Plano 3740 Waterproof Stowaway Fishing Tackle Box

Sometimes a small tackle box is all you need for storing the essentials. One of the top small tackle boxes is this plastic box from Plano. A rubber seal around the lid helps keep your lures and hooks from getting unnecessarily wet. While lures, of course, get wet when in use, they can rust and become damaged when they are damp in storage. A waterproof fishing tackle box can help prolong the life of your most important fishing accessories. This box measures roughly 14 inches in length, meaning that it can easily slip into a backpack when you only need limited gear. The Plano 3720 Waterproof Stowaway Box is available for less than $10 on Amazon.

Plano Ready 2 Fish Tackle Boxes

Many of the best tackle boxes are made from hard plastic, which is sturdy and durable. These are relatively small tackle boxes, in comparison to other models, but they provide one or two trays with compact storage. If you are new to fishing or just want a simple, budget-friendly box, the Ready 2 Fish model is a great choice. This box even comes with a few jigs, sinkers, hooks, a fishing guide and other basic gear to help you get started. The Plano Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box is available for less than $30.

Bass Pro Shops Extreme Qualifier 370 Fishing Tackle Boxes

When looking for the best fishing tackle box, it can be easy to overlook soft-sided options. A soft tackle box has many benefits that you cannot find in a hard-sided option:

  • This tackle box is made from polyester, which helps repel water.
  • It has a sturdy, vinyl bottom that withstands wear and tear.
  • There are elastic straps for holding tools, which makes your gear easy to access.
  • This soft tackle box also has room for five plastic utility boxes, which can be used to store hooks, lures and other items.

The Bass Pro Shops Extreme Qualifier 370 box is available for $35 to $50, depending on whether you get a bag that comes with the utility boxes included.

Plano Elite 4870-40 KVD Signature Fishing Tackle Bag

When looking for a bass tackle box, the Plano Elite bag is a great option. This is considered to be one of the best tackle boxes, because it has plenty of storage. This bag has the following features:

  • Storage for five utility boxes.
  • Four zippered pockets.
  • Measurements of 23 inches long by 14 inches tall and 14 inches wide.
  • Internal storage pockets.
  • Three external compartments.

Plano Elite fishing tackle boxes stretch to accommodate plenty of gear in the various pockets and storage compartments. These soft tackle boxes are somewhat more expensive than other boxes on the market. One of these boxes starts at $100 and can cost as much as $160, depending on where you buy the bag. Find the Plano Elite 4870-40 KVD box on Amazon here.

Flambeau T4 Fishing Tackle Boxes

One of the top rated tackle boxes with hard sides is the Flambeau T4. This fishing tackle box has features, such as:

  • A flip-up compartment on the top of the box, which has storage for frequently-used lures and bobbers.
  • An upper lid that opens to reveal a large tray used for storing tools, such as pliers and other gear.
  • Three plastic utility boxes in the bottom of the box, which slide out for easy access.
  • Lightweight construction, which makes it easy to carry if you hike to your fishing location.

These fishing tackle boxes have plenty of storage space for all of the gear you could need. The Flambeau T4 fish tackle box is sold for about $50.

Plano Angled Fishing Tackle Box System

Many of the top-rated tackle boxes on the market come from the Plano brand. The angled fish tackle box is a roomy, plastic box with plenty of storage. At the top, two compartments on either side flip up to provide easy access to lures. This box also features several utility boxes that slide out from a front compartment. Additionally, there are two slots at the front that hold two more utility boxes. With so many utility boxes in this top tackle box, you will not run out of storage space. The Plano Angled Tackle System is sold for less than $30 on Amazon, but may be more expensive from other retailers.

Plano Large 3-Tray Top Access Fishing Tackle Boxes

This fishing tackle box is a top all-purpose, hard-shelled box. When looking for the best tackle box for bass fishing, this box is a great choice. The top of this tackle box has two compartments that open up for quick storage. When the top is unlatched, a three-tier tray folds out. These trays are perfect for holding lures and hooks. There is also a large compartment at the bottom of the box that can be used for storing tools, fishing line and other gear. This is one of the top rated fishing tackle boxes on the market. The Plano Large 3-Tray Box is available for roughly $25.