Knowing where to fish in Louisiana will help both experienced anglers and those new to the sport. Anglers of all skill levels should be aware of the best locations to fish in the state, in order to make fishing a rewarding experience. Louisiana is overflowing with unique and beautiful places to go fishing, especially since it is a coastal state. This means that anglers have access to an abundance of fishing places along the ocean, but also inland at freshwater spots.

Discovering where to go fishing in Louisiana will help anglers who are seeking a specific type of catch. For those who are looking for places to fish for saltwater catch only, there will be plenty of opportunities to stay south. Some Louisiana anglers may want to stay above the coastal line and fish in rivers and reservoirs. To find good places to fish in LA for both saltwater and freshwater, continue below.

Toledo Bend Reservoir

Toledo Bend Reservoir is one of the best locations to fish for bass in the state. Even more so, Toledo Bend is ranked as one of the premiere places to go fishing for bass in the entire country. A dream come true for anglers in Louisiana, Toledo Bend is where to fish either competitively or simply for hobby. The lake itself is over 185,000-acres in size, and is shared by both the state of Texas and the state of Louisiana. As the largest man-made body of water in the South, Toledo Bend Reservoir is a good place to fish for any visitor.

Henderson Lake

Anglers have been choosing Henderson Lake as one of the top places to go fishing in the state for years. As far as fishing places go, Henderson Lake churns out a wide variety of fish all year long. Anglers looking for where to fish for bass, bream, catfish, northern pike, panfish, trout and muskellunge, Henderson Lake is the place. A bit on the smaller side as far as fishing spots go in Louisiana, Henderson Lake clocks in at just over 33-acres. But do not let the size fool you. Anglers can still call Henderson Lake one of the best places to go fishing simply because of the location.

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Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake in Louisiana not only is one of the best locations to fish in the state, but it was also dubbed one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. With swamp-like conditions, Caddo Lake is where to go fishing for shoreline anglers and those not looking to cause much wake on the lake’s surface. With the moss-draped cypress trees located throughout the 26,810-acre lake, a variety of fish find solace and sanctuary in these conditions. Caddo Lake is a good place to cast a line for largemouth bass, channel catfish, white bass, chain pickerel and more. If bass are what an angler is after, Caddo Lake is where to fish, especially for the trophy-size bass being pulled.

Lake D’Arbonne

In this 15,000-acre expanse of land, anglers will find a top location to fish in Louisiana. Lake D’Arbonne is not an average freshwater lake, but instead appears to be more of a flooded cypress swamp. This only adds to the appeal as one of the top places to go fishing in the state. Lake D’Arbonne is not a fishing place where anglers can bring a motor boat and take to the water with speed. However, as a premiere shoreline fishing spot there is plenty to catch in this large lake. Anglers will find Lake D’Arbonne to be a great choice of where to go fishing for bass, crappie, bream and catfish to name a few. Stay at the nearby state park and make an entire weekend excursion out of it.

Red River

Anglers looking for great places to fish that do not include lakes, swamps or reservoirs can cast a line in Red River, Louisiana. Red River, also known as Red River of the South is not only one of the best locations to fish in the state, but also a major river in the southern portion of the country. For anglers searching for top places to fish for bass in the country, this is the place. In fact, in 2012 Red River hosted the 2012 Bassmaster Classic for tournament fishing that drew national attention. It is not just bass however, that Red River produces. Large catfish are said to come out of this river, which flows throughout various areas of Louisiana.

Grand Isle

Grand Isle, Louisiana is where to fish for anglers who prefer fishing in saltwater bodies. Along the Gulf of Mexico, sits Grand Isle, both an island and a town that is popular amongst the fishing crowds. Grand Isle is one of the greatest places to go fishing if anglers wish to make it a more family-oriented experience. Not only is Grand Isle one of the best fishing destinations in LA for anglers, but it also provides a variety of activities for the whole family. Make it a weekend of finding good places to fish along the island, but also spend some quality time with the family, too.