Massachusetts is one of the best locations to fish along the east coast, if not the entire country. Anglers know where to fish in MA for trophy-size catch and they are treated to many recreational saltwater fishing opportunities. There are plenty of places to go fishing that are rewarding for any type of fishermen. Knowing where to go fishing in Massachusetts will increase a visitor’s chances of catching quality fish.

One of the main reasons why Massachusetts has so many good places to fish is because it offers both inland freshwater fishing opportunities and saltwater opportunities. There are many fishing places along the coast that are revered by anglers, but also locations inland as well. To find some of the best places to fish in Massachusetts both inland and ocean-side, continue reading below.

Wachusett Reservoir, Massachusetts

One of the best places to go fishing in Massachusetts for large landlocked Atlantic salmon is the Wachusett Reservoir. In fact, the Wachusett Reservoir is one of the only locations to fish for Atlantic Salmon besides the Quabbin Reservoir. When deciding where to fish,many anglers choose Wachusett Reservoir because it is the second largest body of water in the entire state of Massachusetts. There are plenty of good places to fish in MA along the reservoir during the specified fishing season. Besides the Atlantic Salmon, anglers choose Wachusett Reservoir as where to go fishing if they are looking for bass, white perch, rainbow trout and more.

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The Connecticut River, Massachusetts

The Connecticut River is one of the best locations to fish in Massachusetts for anglers who wish to stay inland. While the Connecticut River offers a phenomenal opportunity to fly fish, there are also pockets of water and pools which can be great for casting lines as well. For anglers who are looking for places to go fishing for sport and not as a food source, this river is the perfect option.

As the longest river in New England, the Connecticut River provides a variety of good places to fish for different species, including:

  • Trout
  • Salmon
  • Sturgeon
  • Stripers

Anglers can choose a fishing spot along the shoreline or they can take to boats on the water.

Quabbin Reservoir, Massachusetts

Mentioned above as one of the best locations to fish for Atlantic Salmon, Quabbin Reservoir has allowed shore fishing for anglers since 1946. Although there is a limited boat fishing program at Quabbin Reservoir, it would not necessarily be one of the fishing places that comes to mind for anglers who prefer boat fishing. However, there are many places to go fishing along the Quabbin Reservoir shoreline and boat launching areas throughout. Anglers who choose Quabbin Reservoir as where to go fishing in MA should adhere to all the outlined rules and regulations for legally casting lines in the area.

The Ipswich River, Massachusetts

Anglers looking for the premiere fishing location in Massachusetts for trout should visit the Ipswich River. Every year, the Ipswich River becomes one of the best places to go fishing for those who specifically seek out trout. The Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game stocks the Ipswich with trout every year, so anglers always have the opportunity to catch trout with each visit. In addition to being a great place to fish, the Ipswich River also makes for a great vacation spot for the family. Visitors can bring tents and spend the weekend casting lines in peace and quiet.

Castle Island, Massachusetts

On the shores of South Boston is one of the best locations to fish and in the bay area. Castle Island includes many different places to go fishing in Massachusetts, with plenty of perks. It has become a favorite spot for fishing because it offers:

  • Incredible views.
  • Over 20-acres of recreational fishing places.
  • Easy access from anywhere in the state.

Castle Island is where to fish for anglers who want to cast their morning lines. Visitors wondering where to fish inside of Castle Island should take a look at Pleasure Bay. Known as one of the best spots to fish on the island, Pleasure Bay offers two islets that help to guide fish from the harbor into the bay.

Plymouth Harbor, Massachusetts

Plymouth Harbor, Massachusetts is one of the best locations to fish in Massachusettswith the whole family. Not just one of the best fishing places in the state, but also a worthwhile spot to vacation and spend a week enjoying the views. Anglers choose Plymouth Harbor as where to fish for:

  • Bluefish
  • Striped bass
  • Weakfish
  • Winter flounder
  • Mackerel
  • Many additional species

Plymouth Harbor is a good fishing location in MA and also a beautiful way for visitors to spend the weekend and enjoy the beauty of the state.