Texas is one of the best locations to fish in the United States. Not only does it have nearly 400 miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico, it also has around 7,000 other places to go fishing between lakes, reservoirs and rivers. This has naturally led to fishing being a popular pastime in the state, and it also draws anglers from all over the country to its promising spots for massive bass.

If you are wondering where to fish in Texas, consider the number of lakes and rivers to choose from. However, know that there are many more good places to fish in the state, including all kinds of streams and creeks, some of which are barely known to anyone other than locals. Learn about some of the best locations to fish in Texas in the destinations outlined below.

Caddo Lake

None of the other fishing places in Texas are quite like Caddo Lake. As you determine where to go fishing, consider Caddo if you enjoy spending time on natural lakes, as it is the only one in the state. There is a great diversity of fish types here, and you have a good chance of finding one of the following if you stop by:

  •  Largemouth bass
  • White bass
  • Sunfish
  • Crappie

You should have no trouble figuring out where to fish in the lake, as no part of it is deeper than 20 feet. Choose a fishing spot among the thousands of acres and enjoy the view, guarded by mossy cypress trees and a beautiful array of lilies floating all over the lake.

Texas is a great fishing destination for all anglers. Make sure you get the most out of your fishing trip by downloading our in-depth Texas itineraries guide today.

Rollover Pass

Visiting anglers from around the United States already know that Rollover Pass is one of the best locations to fish in the country. Some facts about Rollover Pass include:

  •  It can be found on the Bolivar Peninsula, which is near Galveston.
  • It constitutes a pass between which scores of fish swim from the East Bay to the Gulf of Mexico, and back again.
  • It is manmade,and seems to be perfectly tailored for fishing.

Choke Canyon Reservoir

Choke Canyon Reservoir is one of those places to go fishing when you want a rich experience. It is a great place to fish for San Antonio residents, as it is only about an hour’s drive south of the city. However, it is worth the drive for anyone else across the state, as well.

Choose this as your place to fish if you are tracking down blues, channels and flathead catfish. Bass and crappie can also be found in abundance. The most appealing aspect of the reservoir, however, may be the wildlife, which is brimming with just that. Alligators and turkeys roam the land nearby, while vegetation grows freely, providing a nice shade over many parts of the water. This is also one of the best locations to fish if you are interested in competing in tournaments, as there are always several planned here throughout the year.

Fork Lake

Sometimes, you want good places to fish alone. At other times, it is nice to find places to go fishing where you can be part of a larger community. Fork Lake is one such place. Its proximity to Dallas ensures that you will probably not be fishing alone, as it is one of the most popular fishing places in the area.

For those wondering where to go fishing for huge bass, look no further. Fork Lake contains bass that regularly break state records, leading to its reputation as “the best lake in Texas for big bass.” Careful management of the reservoir has led to excellent bass production. For those wondering where to fish in east Texas, consider this now-flooded area filled with bass.

Sam Rayburn Reservoir

Some good fishing spots earn their reputations suddenly. Others have been good places to fish for a very long time. Sam Rayburn Reservoir, like Fork Lake, is famous as a hotspot for big bass. However, if you visit during March or April, you give yourself the best chance of all to find your dream fish.

As for where to fish in the reservoir, use one of the access points on the north side for best results. In late spring, the middle of the lake is also a great spot to visit for fishing, as spawning activity leads to high numbers there, in addition to some of the northern access points.

Lake Texoma

No Texan list of the best locations for fishing would be complete without including Lake Texoma. This shared Texas/Oklahoma lake is a great fishing spot because of the timing of is spawning, which runs about a month behind other lakes. That means that after you have taken advantage of the abundance of fish further south during February and March, head on up to Lake Texoma after that, and find a good place to fish between the rocks and coves.

If you are wondering where to fish in all that big space, anywhere is good, but the lower point may be best. Great fishing spots can be found at Eisenhower State Park, Soldier and Caney Creeks and Willow Springs.

Perhaps the best reason to fish at Lake Texoma is because it contains a tremendous balance of quality largemouth and smallmouth bass, which is something not many fishing places in the state can claim.