3 Deep Sea Fishing Trips for Serious Fishers

Are you tirelessly typing “fishing charters near me” into your internet search, while planning a stay in Florida, California or Maine? While there are many incredible deep-sea fishing locations, these three states have everything – and a bag of chips! Searching for popular charters online might be a good place to start, but if you’ve never gone fishin’ and aren’t sure what excursion is right for you, consider the type of fish you are looking to catch.

Even dig a little deeper, so you can understand if the charters only take you, alone. You might end up on a party boat filled with tourists who really have no clue about deep sea fishing charters. Talk about a bunch of Debbie and Danny Downers (when it comes to fishing, of course)!

For the time being, put down your credit card and continue reading. Let’s break down each state, so you can be sure you’ve picked the right deep sea fishing location to snag only the big guys!