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Best Fishing Trips

“Where can I find new fishing trips near me?” is a question that crosses every angler’s mind at some point in her or her life. Whether an angler is new to fishing or a master fisher, planning a fishing trip isn’t always easy, especially for those who live in an area with many appealing options to choose from.

However, a fisher must take several factors into consideration when choosing a new destination. These factors include the specific fishing technique he or she wishes to try as well as the species of fish the angler plans to target.

While some of the best fishing trips for ice fishermen and women can be experienced in northern parts of the U.S., states like Florida and Hawaii provide anglers with a multitude of different fishing opportunities for anglers of all ages and experience levels.

Our guide on fishing itineraries can help you plan your fishing trip for a weekend or week-long getaway in locations such as Devils Lake, North Dakota and Kauai, Hawaii. To learn more about the different fishing vacations included in our free downloadable guide, review the sections below.

What are some of the best fishing trips near me?

If you’re planning a fishing trip, then you’re probably looking at locations and bodies of water that allow you to catch a certain species of fish or try a new angling technique that you’ve been eager to learn. Your fishing trip checklist may include testing the waters in a part of your city or state that you haven’t yet fished on or catching that 268-pound yellowfin tuna that you’ve been dreaming of for years.

Regardless of your reasons for selecting a new fishing destination, choosing an area for your next angling trip can feel overwhelming, especially when you consider the following:

  • In North Dakota, more than 450 bodies of water offer public fishing access.
  • In Central Florida alone, there are more than 550 fishing lakes to enjoy.
  • There are around 5,400 fishable lakes in Minnesota.
  • In Virginia, there are 27,300 miles of fishable streams and more than 176,000 acres of public lakes for enjoying various angling activities.

With many of the best fishing trips are just a short car ride or flight away, you’ll be able to choose your next angling destination in no time if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Our free downloadable guide on fishing itineraries can help you to choose the best location for your specific fishing goals, whether you’re looking to relax out on the water or reel in a record-breaking largemouth bass.

Best Fishing Trips in Florida for a Five-Day Angling Adventure

If your perfect fishing trip checklist includes warm weather, variety and five days of freshwater and saltwater angling, then Florida is the destination for you. With so many bodies of water to fish from, you can catch a wide variety of fish species from largemouth bass to tuna. By downloading our free fishing guide, you’ll receive the following:

  • Detailed information to help you plan your fishing trip for a perfect five-day adventure
  • Five days of new destinations, beginning with Deer Point Lake in Panama City and ending in Key West
  • A list of the different fish species you can catch on these five different bodies of water in Florida


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Best Fishing Trips in Virginia for One Month of Angling

Whether you’re retired, taking some time away from work or checking several items off your fishing trip checklist, our free fishing guide can help you to plan the ultimate 30-day fishing trip in Virginia. With so many of the best fishing locations in the U.S. spread throughout the state of Virginia, you’ll find plenty of new opportunities as you begin your month-long trip in Heathsville and wrap things up in Dublin.

When you visit the state of Virginia to enjoy 30 days of angling, you’ll experience a variety of different activities ranging from fly fishing in the Chesapeake Bay to casting a line into the coastal waters of Gloucester Point Pier. When you fish on some of the best bodies of water in the state, you can catch everything from yellow perch to flounder. You’ll be able to plan a fishing trip in no time with 30 full days of fishing activities to choose from.

How to Plan Your Fishing Trip for Ice Angling

Not all fishing vacations need to take place in warmer weather regions. If you enjoy the sport of ice fishing, then your ideal itinerary probably requires you to fish during some of the coldest months of the year. However, there are many ways to enjoy the ice fishing experience, whether you choose to rent an ice house, take a guided tour of the area you visit or explore the fishing area by snowmobile.

By downloading our free fishing guide, you’ll receive multiple itineraries that can help to inspire your next angling adventure, whether you wish to fly fish for blue-ribbon trout in Colorado or enjoy a guided ice fishing tour in North Dakota.