3 Tips for Picking Fish for Dinner

So, you are determined to learn how to cook fish for your family, because it’s healthy, and all that jazz. Are you scared? Because, it may seem overwhelming to seek out the best cooking method that complements the fish. It’s not that bad, I promise. But, avoiding burnt fish is a must. You don’t want your home reeking of a scorched fish market.

Where do you start? Choosing the healthiest fish option is a great place. There are some to avoid, and some that will not only have your family cheering, but will provide great nutrition. Sometimes as a parent, you have to be sneaky like that.

When choosing different types of fish to eat, think about the spectrum of flavors they provide, as well as the type of texture. Also, some fish are done better on a grill, while others could be deep fried. I know some kids are picky eaters, but there is a perfect fish waiting for them.

All of this should also be taken into account for time. Being a parent is a busy job – especially if you have evening sports or ballet to whisk your children to and from surrounding dinner.

Now that you have a handle on type, taste and texture, or the three “Ts,” and four if you count time, let’s get to it!