Purchasing a boat is a large investment and, depending on the type of boat that you are interested, may require significant maintenance. A boat can cost anywhere between a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand. In addition to reviewing the costs of popular brands, it is important to consider a vessel’s overall performance and the number of passengers that it can comfortably accommodate.

Boats by Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler boats have been on the market since 1958. For decades, these boats have demonstrated consistent durability, performance and deemed “unsinkable.” Overall, these boats are known for remaining afloat even when completely full of water.

Today, a Boston Whaler offers numerous benefits to avid fishermen, including:

  • Long-lasting strength.
  • Plentiful rod holders.
  • Spacious livewells and in-floor fishboxes.
  • Enhanced maneuverability.
  • Ample storage space.

These offshore boats come in a variety of models, featuring numerous styles with an average length between 9 and 42.5 feet. Boston Whaler boats include the Super Sport, Montauk, Dauntless, Vantage, Conquest, Realm and Outrage. In addition to fishing, many of the models are great for cruising and watersports.

Ranger Boats

Founded in 1968, Ranger bass boats are designed primarily for black bass fishing. In fact, these boats are accredited to the introduction of the modern bass boat, which is now offered by several different companies. Since its initial launch, the brand has expanded to introduce several models that accommodate other water-based activities, including watersports.

If interested in ranger boats, it is worth knowing that the brand offers customization options that allows buyers to essentially “build their own boat.” Each vessel is constructed using either fiberglass or aluminum. More often than not, these boats are used in bay, skiff and offshore areas.

Nitro Boats

Nitro bass boats were acquired by Bass Pro Shops in 1989. Since then, these vessels have been considered luxurious within the fishing industry. Unlike many other types of vessels, these boats are not generally used for watersports. Instead, they are designed for fishing, focusing on bass fishing in particular.

Nitro boats typically run between 17 and 20 feet in length, with an average capacity of three to six occupants. Compared to other types of boats, these vessels have a mid-ranged price and offer certain customization options when purchased new.

Designed specifically for fishing, these fiberglass boats have proven themselves in both Bassmaster Elite and Classic tournaments. In general, Nitro anglers are known for winning several fishing tournaments on a pretty consistent basis.

Mako Boats

Mako boats offer anglers several features and amenities that are not always provided on other types of boats, including:

  • Wide-open casting spaces.
  • Decks with non-skid surfaces.
  • Ample storage space.
  • A stable fishing platform.
  • Rod holders on the center console models.

Founded in 1967, these boats helped change the saltwater sport fishing industry into what it is today. Currently, the brand offers both inshore and offshore vessels that are constructed using marine-grade components. These boats average between 18 and 21 feet long with varying styles by model and year.

Triton Boats

Triton boats offer an extensive lineup of fiberglass and aluminum hull boats that are designed for fishing, bass fishing and skiing. These vessels average a 17- to 22-inch length and feature high speeds, fast acceleration and significant boat safety features. With some customization options available, these boats are the perfect fit for any avid fisher, particularly bass fishermen.

Triton boat prices vary by model and model year, as well as any additional customization options that are requested. In any case, it is important to note that the brand provides discounts to eligible first responders and veterans.

Bertram Boats

Bertram boats are one of the leading brands of yachts in the country due to their offshore performance, durability, rugged utility and luxury features. Despite the fact that these vessels are typically used for fishing, cruising and a variety of watersports, numerous fishing-related amenities are included in most models, such as:

Most Bertram boats feature living quarters, which may include several bedrooms, bathrooms, a full kitchen and a lounge area. When purchasing a new vessel from Bertram, you will have the ability to customize a number of aspects related to the boat, such as its color, trim, patterns and whether or not a swim platform should be included.

Boats by MasterCraft

Established in 1968, MasterCraft boats offer premium performance and luxury seating that accommodates up to 18 people, depending on the model. Like most high-performance vessels, these boats tend to typically be on the pricier side.

MasterCraft boats are most commonly used for various watersports, such as waterskiing and wakeboarding. However, some avid fishermen do use this type of boat as an all-purpose boat, including for fishing purposes. With that said, many of these vessels are carpeted and contain leather seating, which can make them less than ideal to fishing.

In any case, MasterCraft offers several different series that each host different features and luxury amenities, including:

  • Star Series (PROSTAR and XSTAR)
  • X Series (X22, X24 and X26)
  • XT Series (XT20, XT21, XT22, XT23 and XT25)
  • NXT Series (NXT 20 and NXT 22)

Tucker Boats

Tucker boats have been available since 1953. Commonly referred to as “houseboats,” these vessels are perfect for most water-based activities, including fishing and watersports. If you have ever dreamed of living on the water, this may be the boat for you. Each vessel is custom-built to meet the buyer’s expectations. While used Tucker boats may be purchased, they are not as easy to find as other brands.

Tucker boats are very large boats that include residential quarters and several amenities. The boat can accommodate large groups, if need be. The cost can vary widely depending on the specs and design of the vessel. Generally, these saltwater boats are only to be used for offshore and ocean sailing. However, smaller vessels can be used for inshore and inland fishing. Depending on the materials used to construct the vessel in question, these boats can be built up to 80 feet wide.