Best Fishing Games For Mobile, PC and Console

We, fishermen, love the sport of fishing. We live for the splash of sea spray and the adrenaline rush of a catch. Sometimes, though, old-fashioned outdoor fishing won’t do. This is the 21st century after all. Welcome to the great indoors where the air may not be as fresh, but the water is unpolluted and you won’t be sitting all day without a bite!

Nowadays, you’re always within feet of a device that’s capable of producing a similar feeling to being out on the water. Whether it’s due to bad weather or an inoperable vessel, fishing games can provide the same rush of excitement and the relaxation you get from fishing.

There’s a variety of ways you can experience these games: on a mobile device, a personal computer (PC) or console systems. Here are my top three choices for each system.

Best Mobile Fishing Games

We have our phones at our fingertips 24/7. While fishing outdoors is your go-to, having an app on your phone sure is a more convenient, back-up option if you can’t be on the water. Whether you’re new to gaming or just looking for your latest addiction, here are some of my favorite time killers.

1. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Ace Fishing didn’t receive 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Apple Store for no reason. This arcade-style game features hundreds of exotic fish in dozens of landscapes. Its realistic graphics and stunningly realistic physics grab your attention and never let go. This game is for the anglers who are looking for competition.

Its simple one-touch control allows the whole family to play. The set-up is fully customizable: rod, lines and bait. Make a big catch, compare your scores to the global rankings and compete against friends for first place. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is available on IOS and Android devices for free, though it contains in-app purchases.

2. 3D Carp

If you’re looking for a relaxing, semi-realistic game, 3D Carp can help you pass the time. Focused mainly on carp fishing, hence the name, 3D Carp features 13 lakes and four rivers full of exciting catches.

As a special surprise, you can unlock other species of fish as you play, including sturgeon, tarpon and bass. You can fish at any time of day, during any season, from any position on the lake or boat, with several types of bait and your customized rod.

3D Carp is available for download for 99 cents on IOS and Android devices. There is also the newly released 3D Carp 2 that is $2.99. Now you can really carp-e diem!

3. The Fish Master!

Offering adorable art designs and addicting gameplay, The Fish Master! is a great way to relax on or off the water. It’s simple to play: Tap to send your line down, drag the hook on its way to the surface and try to grab as many fish as possible.

As you make more catches, you can upgrade your line length, pole strength and offline earnings. The goal is to earn the most money and become the ultimate fish master! You can download “The Fish Master!” on IOS and Android devices for free.

Best PC Fishing Games

Mobile games are easy to reach, but often lose out on graphics. With better capacities and processing power, PCs combine stunning visuals with realistic gameplay. Available in a variety of formats, fishing has been adapted into the foundation of many games: arcade, adventure, simulators and more!

1. Fishing Planet

If you’re stuck inside and missing your seaside pastime, Fishing Planet is the closest you’ll get to the real thing. Flaunting impressively accurate visuals, the game features fishing in various biomes across the world.

Try ice, swamp or river fishing from the comfort of your home. Choose your lures, rods and bait to make your trophy catches and compete against your friends.

Developed by avid fishers, Fishing Planet brings you the thrill of the real activity. Over 110 species of fish are available with unique behaviors and artificial intelligence. There are also 18 scenic waterside environments with various climates and vegetation.

Players can choose between three types of fishing – float, spinning and bottom – which offers endless entertainment. You won’t regret being stuck inside when you can get your fishing fill with this free online game.

2. Stardew Valley

Boasting substance rather than graphics, Stardew is an adorable 8-bit game that focuses on farm life but includes a fishing component as well. It provides a relaxing farming experience with dozens of cleverly named fish to catch, such as salmon, pufferfish and rainbow trout. Take your fishing across the valley to earn rewards and medals, and become a master angler.

The game also offers specialty items and junk catches, like various styles of boots, rings and ores, which can be sold for a profit. While you’re making money, you can expand your farm to feature crops and grow to be the valley’s wealthiest resident.

Whether you’re fishing off the sandy beach or your backyard lake, Stardew Valley is sure to calm your nerves and provide a fun and rewarding fishing experience. This online game can be downloaded for $14.99 from various online websites.

3. Sea of Thieves

This action-packed cartoonish game leaves no room for a bathroom break. One second, you’re reeling in an angler fish, and the next, your ship is taking on water. There’s no right way to play this game, leaving you open to explore the vast sea.

Players have goals, competitions and missions, though these don’t interfere with the gameplay. Feel free to catch the dozens of available sea creatures, battle foes and sink their pirate ships or show off your immense ship with endless upgrades.

To become an accomplished pirate, you must be persistent and overcome the challenges of the high seas. Sea of Thieves can be downloaded for $24.99 on Xbox Live, Steam or the Microsoft Play Store. You arrr going to be hooked!

Best Console Fishing Games

Fishing is obviously an outdoor activity whereas video games are played indoors. However, when the two come together, you can feel like you’re truly doing the work of fishing from the comfort of your home.

The real fun of playing fishing games on a console comes from the unrealistic part: constantly making a catch. Fishing can be long and arduous, even for those of us who share a passion for it. These games are both relaxation and exciting, like the real thing, but are sure to keep your attention.

1. Euro Fishing: Foundry Dock

Euro Fishing captures players’ attention with its realistic graphics and challenging gameplay. It swaps the common scenery of the relaxing countryside with the bustling docks of the city. You must master your rod, line and bait tactics to become a top angler.

Featuring great visuals and sounds, the game feels life-like, especially when partnered with virtual reality technology. You can catch dozens of species of fish and build your in-game log.

All in all, you can catch everything – from carp to catfish, all in varying sizes. Buy Euro Fishing: Foundry Dock from your local gaming retailer for $40. It’s playable on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

2. Fishing Master

Bad weather can easily ruin a family’s day on the water. Don’t lose that bonding experience due to some rain and choppy waves!

With easy controls and addicting gameplay, Fishing Master will become your family’s latest addiction. Partnered with virtual reality, players can dive into the life of fishing below the Golden Gate Bridge and other iconic areas across the planet.

Though there aren’t many extra bells or whistles, true fishing fans don’t need fancy features. If you enjoy fishing, fresh or saltwater, you should look into this game. Fishing Master costs $30 at many online and gaming retailers.

3. Rapala Fishing: Pro Series

Rapala Fishing: Pro Series wastes no time, immediately dropping you into the excitement with a tutorial on how to play. With detailed graphics and an open-world theme, you are free to explore the vast countryside of the game.

Like a golfing game, Rapala features a strength-accuracy button for casting, though players have a decent amount of leeway to make a catch. After you cast, the camera dives underwater to view the catching process, really immersing players in the game. Rapala walks the line of an arcade game and simulator.

Rapala is sure to grab and keep your attention with the help of the interactive features. However, the excitement passes quickly as catches are regularly made. Lacking in difficulty, this game makes for a nice time killer, though it can make players lose interest after a while.

Rapala Fishing: Pro Series is available for purchase at your local game store for $20. It is playable on the Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. If you want tips on how to master fishing when you are back out on the water, download this helpful guide.