Ugliest, Most Bizarre Fish

The beauty of fishing is the variety of species that you can catch on the water. From the glistening and majestic sailfish to the knights of the sea we know as swordfish, the ocean is a diverse world filled with endless opportunities for encountering magnificent creatures. Furthermore, some of the most brilliant and colorful species I’ve ever seen inhabit rivers, streams and lakes all around the world (also, I’ll admit that I have a pretty flamboyant freshwater aquarium).

But what about the not-so-pretty looking guys? You know, the kind that will have your wife saying, “OMG, what is that thing!?” These are not the kind of fish you want to bring home for dinner or have displayed in your aquarium. Unless, of course, you are trying to scare people away. Then, by all means, go right ahead!

While some of these monstrosities don’t live far below the surface, most of them live lonely lives in the dark depths of the sea. They’re typically far away from everyone, where they can’t be seen (thankfully!).

Lucky for you, I’m here to shine a light on these horrific creatures. Why? Well, so that you can see them in all of their ugly glory! Here are the most bizarre-looking fish.